Heycarbons coconut shell activated carbon for gold recovery to Burkina Faso

activated carbon for gold recovery
Customer cases :

Destination country and Port: Burkina Faso – TEMA , LOME port
Time:From 2018 to 2024
Quantity: Placed 10 orders, total: 204T
Purpose: Coconut Shell Activated Carbon for Gold Recovery, the customer is a trader. Most of his end customers use the heap leaching CIL method, and very few use the carbon slurry method CIP.
Customer’s pecification:6-12mesh , iodine value : 1000mg/g, 1100mg/g, hardness: 98%min

Normally we also provide 5-10mesh, 8-16mesh, iodine value: 1000-1400mg/g gold carbon. The characteristics of our gold carbon are thick, high strength, low gold loss rate, high R value and K value.

Why is activated carbon so important in gold recovery? How high is the loss of gold?

To produce mere ounces of gold, thousands of tons of ore must be mined, crushed, roasted, ground, treated, pulped, and leached.

Coconut shell granular activated carbon plays a key role in capturing the gold from the mine. In a mine, any gold that is not adsorbed by activated carbon will be lost.

In order to ensure the highest possible gold yield, the selection of the right activated carbon product is crucial. With our focus on quality, minimal fines formation, reliability, and services, we can make a difference when it comes to maximizing gold recovery in mines and in your gold operations.

With the same iodine value, how can we control the quality of coconut shell steam activated carbon and reduce the gold loss rate?

Activated charcoal is made from coconut shells from coconut trees that have been growing for more than 5 years in order to achieve outstanding hardness and attrition resistance for gold extraction.

Coconut shell activated charcoal’s highly developed microporous structure is particularly suited to provide the best adsorption from aqueous cyanide solutions in CIP, CIL, and CIC systems for gold recovery.

Our products are processed through vee-wire screens and wind separation technology to keep the platelets to a minimum. They are further de-dusted to meet the stringent requirements of our customers.

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Activated Carbon For Gold Recovery

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