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Coal Activated Carbon

Coal-based activated carbon is generally classified into coal-based columnar activated carbon, raw coal crushed granular activated carbon, briquette crushed granular carbon, and coal-based powdered activated carbon.

Granular activated carbon is commonly used for water purification and decolorization, while coal-based powdered activated carbon is typically employed in sewage treatment, incinerator exhaust gas treatment, steel mill exhaust gas treatment, power plant exhaust gas treatment, and other applications.

Coal-based columnar pelletized activated carbon often possesses high CTC and features a well-developed pore structure, excellent adsorption performance, high mechanical strength, easy regeneration, and low cost. It is utilized for the purification of toxic gases, exhaust gas treatment, industrial and domestic water purification, solvent recovery, and more.

Raw coal crushed granular carbon can be tailored for different purposes by selecting raw materials from various regions. Both briquette and extruded activated carbon can achieve different parameters and applications through coal blending technology applied by our technical personnel.

The use of fully automated multi-screen control enables the automatic blending of raw materials, and carbonized materials to be automatically dried without falling to the ground, preventing secondary pollution.

Coal Activated Carbon Types

Coal Pellet Columnar Impregnated Activated Carbons

Coal Pellet Columnar Activated Carbons

Coal-based activated carbon pellets mostly use high-quality Low ash, low sulfur, and low phosphorus anthracite as raw material.

But we also choose different areas of materials coal to mix and match according to the customer’s specific use and high index requirements of a certain item. They have reasonable pore structure, high CTC, and high strength. It has the characteristics of a smooth appearance and no cracks, is lightweight, has strong adsorption capacity, good wear resistance, high mechanical strength, and long service life.

Can impregnate KOH, NAOH, K2CO3, KI, CuO, MgO, KMnO4, and other chemicals to remove acidic gases such as H2S . or impregnated sulfur, sulfuric acid, and phosphoric acid to remove alkaline gases such as ammonia It, can also impregnated  mercury chloride as a catalyst, or impregnated with sulfur to remove mercury.

  • Size (D :mm): 0.9mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm
  • CTC(%): 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90,100-120
  • Iodine value: Mg/g 500-1100
  • Hardness (%): 90-99
  • Bulk density: 400-520kgs/m3
  • Moisture (%): ≤3
  • Ash (%): 8% , 10% , 12% ,14%
  • PH: 8-11
Coal Pellet Columnar Catalytical Activated Carbons for Air Treatment

Coal Pellet Columnar Catalytical Activated Carbons

A special process, adding a Special substance in Pellet (Extruded) activated carbons but not impregnated, also named Catalytical activated carbons,

such as MgO-AC (MgO-activated carbon), CuO modified activated carbon, CuO-AC (CuO-activated carbon), Metal oxide supported on activated carbon used for acid gas treatment such as H2S, water washing regeneration, and high strength.

  • Size (D :mm): 0.9mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm
  • CTC(%): 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90,100-120
  • Iodine value: Mg/g 500-1100
  • Hardness (%): 90-99
  • Bulk density: 450-550kgs/m3
  • Moisture (%): ≤3
  • PH: 8-11

MgO Coal Granular Activated Carbons

Mgo granular activated carbon Using high-quality coal as raw material, magnesium oxide MgO is added during the production process to improve the pore structure and adsorption performance of activated carbon.

This results in the production of high-quality activated carbon with well-developed pore structure and strong adsorption capacity.

It has the advantages of large adsorption capacity, fast filtration speed, and ease of regeneration.It is widely used in the decolorization and refinement of sugars such as raw sugar, maltose, glucose, starch sugar, xylose, and lactose.

  • Size: Mesh 4*8, 8*30, 8*16, 12*40.
  • Iodine value: Mg/g 900-1100
  • Methylene blue: 120-250mg/g
  • Molasses value:180-260
  • Hardness %: 90-99
  • Bulk density g/cm3 0.45-0.55
  • Moisture %: 5max


Custom Coal Activated Carbon Solution

Heycarbons provides a full range of activated solutions at competitive prices.

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Custom Coal Activated Carbon

Heycarbons has proudly served the activated carbon industry with high-quality products for over 18 years, we can customize your coal activated carbon for your project.

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Other Activated Carbon Solutions

Water Filter

Provide 8*16, 8*30, 12*40, 30*60, 50-150 mesh high iodine value low ash granular carbon for water treatment and water filter – CTO, UDF. 

Waste water Treatment

Supply of granular and powdered activated carbon for wastewater treatment to remove COD, BOD, heavy metals, organics, iodic acid, odors, hydrocarbons, color, etc.

VOCs Removel

Our activated carbon can help remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air by removing contaminants and impurities.

Gold Recovery

Provides high iodine 6-12, 8-16mesh coconut shell granular carbon for gold mining. (CIC, CIP, CIL)

Air Purification

We provide 4mm, 0.9-8mm pelleted and impregnated pellet activated carbon, and granular carbon for various exhaust gas treatment, vapor recovery, VOCs removal, biogas H2S removal, etc.

Solvent Recovery

Provide EAC carbon for high-end air purification or various gas solvent recovery, such as benzene, toluene, and other solvents, Dichloromethane solvent recovery, and tape factory solvent recovery.

Catalyst Carrier

A special process, adding a Special substance in Pellet (Extruded) activated carbons, also named Catalytical  activated carbons, used for acid gas treatment such as H2S, water washing regeneration, high strength

Food Purificaion Decolorization

Provide 8*16, 8*30, 12*40 mesh bituminous or briquetting activated carbon for food and water decolorization and purification, such as Sugar, MSG, Juice and wine, Edible oil, glycerin, Sewage decolorization, Corn starch sugar, amino acid, etc.

Steps to Custom Coal Activated Carbon


By understanding your needs and requirements, our salesmen work with you to submit the appropriate activated carbon solution.


Heycarbon expert customer service will provide you with a free quote based on your requirements as well as product specifications and quantities.


Heycarbon has sufficient inventory and strong production capacity, and will report production progress to you from time to time.


We know you need to receive the product as soon as possible, after rigorous quality checks and protective packaging, by fedex shipping.

Coal Activated Carbon FAQs

Heycarb provides on demand activated carbon solutions worldwide, product quality and customer service are highly rated by our partners and customers.

  1. Testing of selected raw materials
  2. Comprehensive display and monitoring of production temperature and time
  3. Sampling inspection of finished products
  4. Support any form of third-party testing , such as SGS

1. T/T Deposiit + Balance against copy of B/L
2. L/C
3. T/T deposit + L/C for balance

1. If necessary, the technician can go to the site to guide .
2. Order goods are consistent with the sample and TDS
3. Any quality problems occur, the seller will provide solutions within 24 hours.
4. If the package is damaged due to the seller’s negligence, resulting in a shortage of goods,
the seller should make compensation based on mutual agreement.

For customers’ trial orders, we actually do not have a specific MOQ, any amount is acceptable.

We have to choose a cost-effective transportation method and quantity based on your specific situation.

Normally , 5-7days , also depend on quantity

Yes, we provide samples for free.

Normally 25kgs/bag , 20kgs/bag , 500kgs/bag , black bag
Support any OEM drawing design bag .

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