Top 50 Activated Carbon Manufacturers Suppliers In World

Top 50 activated carbon suppliers

Top 50 Activated Carbon Suppliers Table of Contents

If you are looking for largest activated carbon manufacturers , this report will help you quickly select the right activated carbon suppliers near you in different activated carbon markets.
We will elaborate on the background of each company and their advantages in detail, so that you can have a comprehensive comparison of the world’s activated carbon suppliers.

Where to buy activated carbon? Distribution of activated carbon of different materials in the world:

Coconut shell activated carbon suppliers are mainly distributed in: Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines, China, India, etc.
Wood powdered activated carbon suppliers : China, India, etc.
Coal-based activated carbon suppliers: China, the United States(USA), Europe, etc.
At the same time, Heycarbons since 2005 specializes in manufacturing and selling pelletized, granular, and powdered activated carbon made from coal, coconut shells, and wood.

TOP 50 Activated Carbon Suppliers Table

NO.Company NameNationEstablishedMain Products
1Calgon Carbon CorporationUSA1942Water treatment equipment, diatomaceous earth and perlite, granular activated carbon
2Jacobi Carbons ABSweden1916Filters, ion exchange resins, activated carbon
3General Carbon CorporationUSA1964Adsorption equipment, activated carbon, regenerated activated carbon
4CarboTech AC GmbHGermany1956Carbon molecular sieve, activated coke, activated carbon
5Cabot CorporationUSA1882Aerogels, battery materials, advanced carbon materials, inkjet colorants
6EurocarbU.K.1986Coconut shell, wood, coal-based AC
7Haycarb PLCSri Lanka1973Coconut shell activated carbon
8Donau Chemie GroupGermany1828Inorganic chemicals, water treatment, chemical distribution, activated carbon
9Norit (Cabot Norit Activated Carbon)Netherlands1916Filtration equipment, sodium lauryl sulfate, activated carbon, regenerated carbon
10HeycarbonsChina2005Coal, wood, coconut shell activated carbon
11Donau Carbon GmbHGermany1922Mobile adsorber, coconut shell activated carbon
12Bioconservacion SASpain1996Chemical filtration media, filters, equipment
13CPL Activated CarbonsU.K.1990Filters, regenerated carbon, activated carbon
14ADA-ES, Inc.USA1997Additives, Colloidal Carbon Products, GAC, PAC
15Kuraray Co. Ltd.Japan1926Resins, chemicals, fibers, functional materials
16Carbon Activated CorporationUSA1993Filter, activated carbon
17Evoqua Water Technologies LLCUSA2013Water Treatment, Filters, Dosing Chemicals, Carbon and Resins
18Ingevity CorporationUSA2015Adhesive additives, resins, wood activated carbon, emulsifiers
19Silcarbon Aktivkohle GmbHGermany1999Molecular sieve, filter, coconut shell AC, regenerated carbon
20Oxbow Activated Carbon LLCUSA1983Natural gas, oil, calcined coke, coal
21CarbUSA LLCUSA2014Coconut shell, wood, coal-based activated carbon
22Activated Carbon Technologies Pty LtdAustralia2003Anthracite, Powdered Activated Carbon, Granular Activated Carbon
23Carbon Resources LLCIndia1991Carbon Electrode Paste, Tamping Paste, Calcined Petroleum Coke, Anthracite Coal
24Sorbent Technologies, Inc.USA2000Adsorbents, activated alumina, syringe filters, gel filtration resins
25Desotec Activated CarbonBelgium1990Mobile activated carbon filter
26Puragen Activated CarbonsUSA1997Equipment, bone char, activated carbon, EQUIPMENT, BONE CHAR
27Ecologix Environmental SystemsUSA2001Filters, Sludge Dewatering, Oil/Water Separators, Activated Glass Filter Media, AC
28Global Activated CarbonIndia1999activated alumina, activated bleaching, anthracite, manganese dioxide, molecular sieve, activated carbon
29Philippine-Japan Active Carbon CorporationJapan1972Metal catalyst carrier, coconut shell activated carbon
30Veolia Water TechnologiesUSA1957Water,gas treatment unit, grease decomposition tank, sludge thickener
31Alcarbon CorporationPanama2009Charcoal, charcoal ash
32AquaCarbUSA2023Water treatment and related products
33Asbury CarbonsUSA1895Graphite, coal, coke, carbon materials
34Clarimex GroupMexico1960Ion exchange resin, zeolite, anthracite, double oxide, AC
35Kalimati CarbonIndia2013Filter, Organic Coconut Shell Activated Carbon
36Shinkwang Chem. Ind. Co., Ltd.South Korea1985Air activated carbon, water activated carbon
37NewterraUSA1977Deaerator, AC adsorber, rainwater purifier
38Universal Carbons (India) Pvt. Ltd.India1970Pine tar, bituminous coal activated carbon, steam,pine wood activated carbon
39Auro Carbon & ChemicalsIndia1976Activated carbon fiber, activated carbon powder, activated carbon granules
40Boyce CarbonIndia2005Powdered activated carbon, granular activated carbon
41Chemviron CarbonBelgium1942Carbon Filters, Filter Aids, Activated Carbon
42Kowa India Pvt. Ltd.India1894Food, shipbuilding machinery, chemicals, processing, activated carbon
43Industrial Water EquipmentU.K.2005Water filter, equipment, manganese dioxide, anthracite, activated carbon
44Aquacover LtdU.K.2000Water softener, water filter, reverse osmosis system, ion exchange resin, activated carbon
45AdFiSGermany2006Filters, carbonate, activated carbon
46Kurt Obermeier GmbHGermany1948Emulsifier, ion exchanger, defoamer, activated carbon
47Karbonous Inc.USA2008Carbon filter,, lightweight filter, lignite catalytic activated carbon
48Carbon Solutions, LLCUSA2002Bituminous coal, sub-bituminous coal, coconut shell, activated carbon
49American Activated CarbonUSA2011Bituminous coal, acid washed bituminous coal activated carbon
50Activated Carbon Solutions Inc.USA2015Wood, coconut shell, coal-based activated carbon

Top 50 Activated Carbon Manufacturers Introduce

Top 50 Activated Carbon Manufacturers Table of Contents

Calgon is a company that specializes in providing purification systems and various treatment materials for water and gas treatment. There are many advanced technologies used in the treatment of PFAS in water pollution.

Add: 3000 GSK Drive,Moon Township, PA 15108n.

Calgon Carbon Corporation activated carbon supplier

Jacobi is a supplier of ion exchangers, activated carbon and mobile filters for gas and oil development, food and water treatment, etc.

Add: Slojdaregatan 139366 Kalmar Sweden.

Jacobi Carbons activated carbon supplier

General Carbon is a provider of adsorption equipment, activated carbon and regenerated carbon for air treatment, water purification and recovery of solvents for the dry cleaning industry.

Add: 33 Paterson Street, Paterson NJ 07501

General Carbon Corporation activated carbon supplier

CarboTech is a company that provides chemical products for the air purification, fluid handling, water purification and food industries.

Add: CarboTech Elisenstr. 119 D-45139 Essen

CarboTech activated carbon supplier

Cabot is a comprehensive company that provides specialty chemicals and high-performance composite materials to industries such as transportation, infrastructure and environmental purification.

Add:4400 North Point Parkway Suite 200  Alpharetta Georgia 30022 USA

Cabot Corporation activated carbon supplier

Eurocarb is a subsidiary of Haycarb PLC, a company that provides chemical products for food and beverage, air purification, cosmetics, personal protection and other fields.

Add: Unit 1, Point 4, Second Way, Avonmouth, Bristol, BS11 8DF, United Kingdom

Eurocarb activated carbon supplier

Haycarb is a coconut shell granular activated carbons supplier for applications such as industrial water treatment, gas treatment and precious metal refining.

Add: 400, Deans Road, Colombo 10, Sri Lanka

Haycarb PLC activated carbon supplier

Donau is a comprehensive company that supplies inorganic chemicals to various industrial sectors, distributes chemical raw materials and products, and sells active ingredients to provide customers with water treatment solutions.

Add:Donau Chemie AG Am Heumarkt 10

Donau Chemie group activated carbon suppliers

Norit is a company that provides filtration equipment, sodium lauryl sulfate, activated carbon and regenerated carbon for the purification of wastewater, beverages, food, pharmaceuticals and other fields.The activated carbon market is mainly concentrated in one pelletized activated carbon supplier.

Add: 1155 Business Center Drive, Suite 240, Horsham, PA 19044.

Norit Cabot activated carbon supplier

Heycarbons is a company that produces and sells activated carbon made from coal, wood, coconut shell, and fruit shell. There are columnar, granular, and powdered activated carbons. We have professional technical support and rich experience in water purification, gas purification, Waste air treatment,gold refining, food decolorization and purification, solvent recovery, etc.

Add: Erqi District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province China

Heycarbons activated carbon supplier

Donau Carbon GmbH, a subsidiary of the Donau Chemie Group, sells mobile filters and activated carbon for air purification and water treatment.

Add: Gwinnerstraße 27-3360388 Frankfurt, Deutschland

Donau Carbon GmbH Activated Carbon Supplier

Bioconservacion is a company that provides filters and equipment for air filtration and gas purification for industries such as natural gas, biogas, paper mills, refineries, mining, etc.

Add: Vapor 12. P.I. El Regàs 08850 Gavà (Barcelona), Spain

Bioconservacion activated carbon supplier

CPL is a company that provides filters, regenerated carbon and other chemicals for gas purification, flue gas treatment, pharmaceuticals, biogas and biomethane purification.

Add: 16 Beecham Court Smithy Brook Road Wigan United Kingdom

CPL Activated Carbons supplier

Arq is a diversified environmental technology company that provides power plants and industrial companies with products related to the control of heavy metals and other pollutants.

Add: 8051 E. Maplewood Ave, Suite 210 Greenwood Village, CO 80111

ADA-ES activated carbon supplier

Kuraray is a comprehensive group company that provides rubber synthetic resins, nonwoven fabrics, synthetic fibers, chemicals, production equipment, memory medical device manufacturing and sales

Add: Tokiwabashi Tower, 2-6-4, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Kuraray Co. Ltd. activated carbon supplier

Carbon Activated Corporation is a company specializing in filter technology design and consulting as well as activated carbon sales.

Add: 2250 S. Central Avenue Compton, CA 90220

Carbon Activated Corporation activated carbon supplier

Evoqua merged with Xylem in May 2023, bringing together two professional water treatment companies to provide customers with solutions for water and wastewater management and reuse.

Add: 210 Sixth Avenue, Suite 3300 Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Evoqua Water Technologies LLC activated carbon supplier

Ingevity is a company that provides agrochemicals, oils, adhesive resins, activated carbon and other chemical products for urban road construction, mining and agriculture, as well as the food industry.

Add: 4920 O’Hear Avenue Suite 400 North Charleston, S.C. 29405 USA

Ingevity activated carbon suppliers

Silcarbon is a company that provides filters, activated carbon and other chemical products for industrial water, air and biogas purification.

Add: Mühlenweg 15 D-57399 Kirchhundem Germany

Silcarbon Aktivkohle GmbH activated carbon supplier

Oxbow is a comprehensive company that mines petroleum energy and sells calcined coke, a by-product of oil refining, as well as natural gas, coal and other products.

Add: West Palm Beach, Florida with approximately

Oxbow Activated Carbon supplier

CarbUSA is a company that provides chemical products for oil, gas, heavy metal recovery, air and water purification, food and other fields.

Add: CarbUSA LLC, 140, Metro Park, Rochester, New York, 14623.

CarbUSA activated carbon supplier

ACT is a company that provides anthracite and other chemicals for wastewater and drinking water treatment, gold recovery, sugar refining, petrochemicals and other fields.

Add: Unit 1, 10 Candlebark Court PO Box 1120 Research VIC 3095 AUSTRALIA

Activated Carbon Technologies Pty activated carbon supplier

Carbon Resources is a comprehensive company that provides carbon electrode paste for various electrochemical devices and caulking paste for the ferroalloy industry.

Add: Narayani Niwas, New Barganda Giridih 815 301 Jharkhand, India

Carbon Resources activated carbon supplier

Sorbent is a company that provides chromatography and purification solutions for government, university laboratories, and a wide range of industries, from laboratory to industrial projects.

Add: 5955 Peachtree Corners East Norcross, GA 30071 USA

Sorbent Technologies activated carbon supplier

Desotec is a company that provides air purification or water treatment for the automotive, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and metal smelting industries.

Add: Regenbeekstraat 44 8800 Roeselare Belgium

Desotec Activated Carbon activated carbon supplier

Puragen is a company that provides filters, equipment, and activated carbon for air filtration, petrochemicals, food and beverages, and pharmaceuticals.

Add: 11300 US HWY 1, SUITE 203 PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL 33408

Puragen Activated Carbons supplier

Ecologix is a company that provides water treatment filters for municipal sewage, slaughterhouses, automotive and food industries, etc.

Add: 11800 Wills Rd Ste 110 Alpharetta, GA 30009

Ecologix Environmental Systems activated carbon supplier

GAPL is a company that designs and installs filtration equipment for power plants, refineries, and chlor-alkali plants, as well as sells chemicals.

Add: 216,A.J.C BOSE ROAD, KOLKATA – 700017
West Bengal, India

Global Activated Carbon supplier

PJAC is a company that provides chemical products such as metal catalyst carriers for water purifiers, gas treatment, respirators, and precious metal recovery.

Add: Nagoya Japan

Philippine-Japan Active Carbon supplier

Veolia is a company dedicated to industrial and municipal drinking water, sewage sludge treatment, grease breakdown and gas treatment as well as energy production and recovery.

Add: 3600 Horizon Blvd Trevose, PA 19053.

Veolia Water activated carbon supplier

Alcarbon is a company that specializes in providing a wide range of charcoal and charcoal ash to hotel chains, restaurants and other catering industries.

Add:Zona Procesadora Fort Davis, Manzana 7, Lote 2 Provincia de Colon,

AquaCarb is an activated carbon supplier in the United States that works with coconut shell activated carbon manufacturers in Asia.

Add: 9900 Spectrum , Dr. Austin, Texas 78717

AquaCarb activated carbon supplier

Asbury is a company that provides chemical products such as graphite, alloys, coke and carbon materials to the oil, gas, metal casting, metallurgy, engineering materials and art industries.

Add: 405 Old Main St., Asbury, NJ 08802

Asbury Carbons activated carbon supplier

CLARIMEX is a company that provides chemicals such as zeolites, anthracite and activated carbon for gas treatment, water purification, food, chemicals and agriculture, as well as mining.

Add: Col. San Lorenzo, 54030 Tlalnepantla, Estado de México, México

Clarimex Group activated carbon supplier

Kalimati is a company that provides filters and coconut shell activated carbon for the food, automotive, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, soil remediation, water treatment, desalination and other fields.

Add: 10C Middleton Row 7th Floor,Kolkata 700 071, West Bengal. India

Kalimati Carbon activated carbon supplier

Shinkwang Chem is a company that provides air activated carbon and water activated carbon for gas masks, air purification and deodorization, ultrapure water, wastewater, and water purifier filters.

Add: The 31st day of the 2nd month

Shinkwang Chem activated carbon supplier

Newterra is a company dedicated to providing filtration, purification products and services for drinking water, industrial water, wastewater, stormwater remediation and other water resources.

Add: 1555 Coraopolis Heights Road, Ste. 4100Coraopolis, PA, USA 15108

Newterra activated carbon supplier

Universal is a company that sells activated carbon for filtering toxic, hazardous and organic pollutants to industries such as coffee, water, oil refining, food, and pharmaceuticals.

Add:Tanda Road, Hoshiarpur- 146001, Punjab (India)

Universal Carbons (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Auro is a sales company of chemical products for industries such as petrochemicals, dyes, wastewater treatment plants, agricultural drug formulations, textiles, etc.

Add: 707, Centre Point, R.C. Dutt RD, Alkapuri, Vadodara – 390 007

Auro Carbon Chemicals activated carbon supplier

Boyce is a distributor of chemicals for the water treatment, air filtration, mercury removal, precious metal recovery, pharmaceutical, food and other industries.

Add:  2/21 Sri Ragavendra Avenue, Near Nethaji Park, Coimbatore – 35

Boyce Carbon activated carbon supplier

Chemviron is the European division of Calgon, a company that provides chemical products for industrial waste gas, drinking water, wastewater treatment, pharmaceuticals, biogas, food and metal recycling.

Add:  Parc Industriel de Feluy Zone C, B-7181 Feluy Belgium

Chemviron Carbon activated carbon supplier

Kowa India is a subsidiary of Japan’s Kowa and is a comprehensive company that sells food such as seafood and coconut powder, sells and leases ships, and imports and exports natural resources such as quartz, activated carbon, and kaolin.

Add:  Andheri Kurla Road, Marol, Andheri (East), Mumbai 400 059

Kowa India activated carbon supplier

IWE is a water treatment company that provides water softeners for domestic use and filters, filter media and related equipment for industrial use.

Add: Ravenstor Road, Wirksworth, Matlock, Derbyshire DE4 4FY

Industrial Water Equipment activated carbon supplier

Aquacover Ltd is a supplier of filters, reverse osmosis systems for industrial, commercial and domestic applications, as well as filtration media for the medical, food, metal recovery and protective equipment sectors.

Add: 55 High Road, South Wingfield, Alfreton, Derbyshire, DE55 7LX, UK.

Add: Ravenstor Road, Wirksworth, Matlock, Derbyshire DE4 4FY

Aquacover activated carbon supplier

AdFiS is a company that provides filters, carbonates and activated carbon for gas purification such as biogas desulfurization, purification of sewage gas, landfill gas, etc.

Add: Am Kellerholz 14 D-17166 Teterow GERMANY

AdFiS activated carbon supplier

Obermeier is a trading company that supplies defoamers to industrial companies, ion exchangers for high-pressure boilers, air conditioners and semiconductor manufacturing, as well as filter media for air and water treatment.

Add: Berghäuser Str. 70 D-57319 Bad-Berleburg

Kurt Obermeier activated carbon supplier

Karbonous is a company that provides air purification for natural gas, waste incineration plants, air conditioners, and range hoods, as well as chemical products for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Add: 13095 E. Temple Avenue City of Industry, CA 91746-1418

Karbonous activated carbon supplier

Carbon Solutions is a company that provides energy materials for the fields of mercury scrubbing, medical treatment, fuel storage, distilled spirits purification, gas purification, etc.

Add: 22 Morning Star Circle Woodland Park, CO 80863 USA

Carbon Solutions, LLC

American Activated Carbon is a provider of chemical products for the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, precious metals recovery, solvent recovery, and air and water treatment industries.

Add: 7310 Deering Ave Canoga Park, CA 91303. USA

American Activated Carbon supplier

ACSI is a sales company that provides activated carbon for air and water treatment, mercury removal in refineries and gas plants, and pharmaceutical and tobacco filtration.

Add: 5757 W Century Blvd Ste 700, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Through the introductions of various companies, I believe you will soon be able to find an activated carbon supplier suitable for you in your market.

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