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Heycarb Activated Carbon company, a subsidiary of Ningxia Activated Carbon Factory, Since 2005. It has achieved ISO, the top 20 in activated carbon industry , and recognized as an environmentally advanced enterprise. With a state-of-the-art independent laboratory, it collaborates with the China Carbon Research Institute for research and development. And other production patents 16pcs .

Heycarbons is a comprehensive enterprise involved in activated carbon production, R&D, sales, and services. We specialize in manufacturing and selling columnar/pelletized/extruded, granular, and powdered activated carbon made from coal, coconut shells, and wood.

Leveraging robust professional capabilities, we have the capacity to deliver tailored solutions and customized products aligned with customer applications, ensuring a cost-effective user experience. Concurrently, we endorse and facilitate third-party testing in any preferred format.

heycarbon Activation furnace

Production Management

We build factories where the raw materials are produced and recycle the steam to save costs. And we regardless of customer groups, unified price system, while ensuring quality, only earn reasonable profits.

heycarbon master control room

Quality Management

Annual regular equipment maintenance to avoid large-scale defective products, each batch of multiple mixed testing, to ensure quality, but also to support customers in any form of third-party testing.

R & D Management

R & D Management

The Heycarbons team has been directing research and development efforts together with PHDS from Zhengzhou University and Wuhan University since 2005. Advanced independent laboratory.

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