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Granular Activated Carbon For Water Purification

Activated Carbon For Water Treatment

Heycarb’s Water Purification Series Activated Carbon including coal granular/powder/pellet activated carbon series, wood/coconut shell/nut shell granular powder activated charcoal series be used in drinking, sewage water treatment and water filter.

Our carbon can effectively remove organic molecules, including COD, BOD, Odour , Colour, disinfection by-products (DBP), chlorinated compounds/THM, chloramines, hydrocarbons, heavy metals(Mercury, chromium, vanadium, phosphorus), fluorine, cyanide, hydrocarbons, polychlorinated biphenyls, halocarbons, ketones, organic acids, methanol, esters, phenols, etc. from wastewater, colored bodies, toxins, oils and many other pollutants. also used for home drinking water filter.

Heycarbons Activated Carbons For Water Treatment

Heycarbons Activated Carbons For Drinking Water

Portable or drinking water has strict requirements for safety and purity. Heycarbons water treatment series coal base coconut shell base granular activated carbon(GAC) and powdered activated carbon(PAC) have passed strict tests and comply with NSF standards and are specially used for tap water, direct drinking water purifiers, community drinking water, beverage water, food water treatment, electronic ultrapure water.

It can remove up to 99% of total suspended solids (TSS), sediments, heavy metals, chlorine, chloramines and a series of other pollutants remaining in drinking water, improve water quality and taste.

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coconut shell granular activated carbon for drinking water filter05

Coconut shell Granular Activated Carbons for drinking water, household water purifier filter (CTO,UDF), community water supply purification, public direct drinking water equipment.

bituminous coal granular activated carbon for water treatment 01

Coal Granular Activated Carbons for tap water, water filter(CTO,UDF) groundwater, rainwater, snow water, river water treatment.

Coal Briquetting Granular Activated Carbons for tap water, groundwater, rainwater, snow water, river water treatment.

Heycarbons Activated Carbons For Industrial waste water

Industrial wastewater
bituminous coal granular activated carbon for water treatment 01

Coal Granular/Briquetting granular Activated Carbons

coal powdered activated carbon for water treatment

Coal powdered Activated Carbon

wood powdered activated carbon for water decoloration

wood base powdered activated carbon

Heycarbons Activated Carbons For Industrial waste water

Industrial waste water refers to the waste water and waste liquid produced in the industrial production process. 

Heycarb provides a variety of industrial wastewater purification series of activated carbon, which can effectively remove pollutants: Organic matter, color, odor, chemical residues, cyanide, methanol, phenol, mercury and chromium and other heavy metals, COD, BOD, pesticides, etc.

1. Coal granular activated carbon mainly used for petrochemical wastewater, waste oil reprocessing wastewater, ship engine room oily wastewater, gold mine wastewater, paint room, medical wastewater, river water, sewage desulfurization, removal of chloride ions in coke oven gas, removal of organic matter in fluoride plant wastewater, etc.

2. Coal reagglomeration briquetting granular activated carbons for bromate removal in water plants, amine liquid purification and foaming prevention, etc.

3. Coal Powdered activated carbon Mainly used for industrial wastewater to remove COD, BOD, heavy metals, decolorization, organic matter, etc.

  • For coking plant wastewater removal of COD and ammonia nitrogen,
  • Steel plant wastewater treatment,
  • Copper mine treatment of organic solution, Mine water treatment to remove COD,
  • Steel plant wastewater,
  • Food industry wastewater purification and decolorization.
  • Printing and dyeing industry wastewater treatment, decolorization, can remove organic pollutants such as dyes.
  • Papermaking industry wastewater treatment, remove lignin, resin and other organic pollutants.
  • Chemical industry wastewater treatment, adsorption and removal of various organic solvents, phenols and other organic pollutants.
  • Metallurgical industry wastewater treatment, powdered activated carbon can remove pollutants such as heavy metal ions.
  • Electroplating wastewater: adsorbs organic matter (such as organic solvents, organic acids, organic pigments), heavy metal ions (such as chromium, nickel, copper, zinc, lead), and cyanide.

4. Chemical phosphoric acid method wood powder activated carbon/charcoal has good adsorption and decolorization capabilities and can remove colored organic pollutants.

  • Mainly used for: purification and decolorization of coking wastewater, refinery wastewater, and food industry wastewater, Pharmaceutical industry wastewater treatment.
  • Paper industry wastewater treatment. remove organic pollutants such as lignin and resin.
  • Chemical industry wastewater treatment. Can adsorb and remove various organic solvents, phenols and other organic pollutants.
  • Wastewater treatment from garbage incineration. Can remove organic pollutants generated by incineration.
  • Other industrial wastewater treatments that require removal of organic pollutants and decolorization.
Sewage treatment

Heycarbons Activated Carbons For Sewage treatment

Coal activated carbon used for domestic sewage, urban wastewater, pig farm, chicken farm sewage treatment, aquarium purification, fish farm, fish tank,aquarium and other domestic wastewater treatment.

bituminous coal granular activated carbon for water treatment 01

Coal Granular Activated Carbons

Coal Briquetting Granular Activated Carbons

coal powdered activated carbon for water treatment

Powdered Activated Carbons

Swimming Pool

Heycarbons Activated Carbons For Swimming Pool

Activated carbon can adsorb a variety of pollutants when treating swimming pool wastewater, including but not limited to:
1. Organic matter: Activated carbon can adsorb organic matter in swimming pool wastewater, such as sweat residue, cosmetics, grease and other organic waste. These organic matter may cause turbidity or odor in the water.
2. Chloride: Swimming pool wastewater usually contains chloride, which is generated due to the reaction between disinfectants (such as chlorine) added to the swimming pool water and organic matter such as sweat and urine. Activated carbon can absorb chloride and help purify water.
3. Residual drugs and chemicals: People may use drugs or chemicals before swimming, such as sunscreen, shampoo, etc., and these substances may enter the swimming pool water. Activated carbon can adsorb these residual substances and reduce their impact on water quality.
4. Suspended solids: Swimming pool wastewater may contain suspended solid particles, such as sand, dirt, etc. Activated carbon can absorb these suspended substances and make the water clearer.

bituminous coal granular activated carbon for water treatment 01

Coal Granular Activated Carbons

Coal Briquetting Granular Activated Carbons

coconut shell granular activated carbon for drinking water filter05

Coconut shell Granular Activated Carbons

Custom Coal Activated Carbon Solution

Heycarbons provides a full range of activated solutions at competitive prices.

Acid washing activated carbon for food water purification

Custom Activated Carbon For Water treatment

Heycarbons has proudly served the activated carbon industry with high-quality products for over 18 years, we can customize your coal activated carbon for your project.

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Coal Activated Carbon FAQs

Heycarb provides on demand activated carbon solutions worldwide, product quality and customer service are highly rated by our partners and customers.

  1. Testing of selected raw materials
  2. Comprehensive display and monitoring of production temperature and time
  3. Sampling inspection of finished products
  4. Support any form of third-party testing , such as SGS

1. T/T Deposiit + Balance against copy of B/L
2. L/C
3. T/T deposit + L/C for balance

1. If necessary, the technician can go to the site to guide .
2. Order goods are consistent with the sample and TDS
3. Any quality problems occur, the seller will provide solutions within 24 hours.
4. If the package is damaged due to the seller’s negligence, resulting in a shortage of goods,
the seller should make compensation based on mutual agreement.

For customers’ trial orders, we actually do not have a specific MOQ, any amount is acceptable.
We need to choose a cost-effective transportation method and quantity based on your specific situation.

Normally , 5-7days , also depend on quantity

Yes, we provide samples for free.

Normally 25kgs/bag , 20kgs/bag , 500kgs/bag , black bag
Support any OEM drawing design bag .

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