Activated Carbon Manufacturer from China

Activated Carbon Manufacturer from China Since 2005

We specialize in the production and sales of columnar/pellet, granular, and powdered activated carbon, be made from coal, coconut shells, and wood.

The annual output is 18,000 tons, total 14 production lines. We have a complete set of Acid Pickling, alkali washing, impregnation and fumigation equipment.

with a full set of testing equipment and a cooperative R&D base.  And support any third party testing. 

Direct Activated Carbons Manufacturer

It is mainly used for food decolorization, sewage decolorization, sewage treatment, Waste gas treatment of garbage incineration steel mills, etc.

Mainly used for tap water, drinking water, industrial sewage, river water, rainwater, steam condensate water, and water filter elements – CTO, UDP, etc.

Mainly used for toxic gas purification, waste gas treatment- H2S, VOC, etc, industrial and domestic water purification treatment, solvent recovery, etc.

Mainly used for environmental protection, new energy, food, medicine, the chemical industry, agriculture, and People’s Daily life, cosmetics addition.

Mainly used for drinking water,  pure water,  wine,  beverages,  gold refining / gold recovery,  cigarette filters,   dechlorination,  and deodorization, Catalyst carrier,  Chemical industry, etc.

Usually use coal extruded or coco activated carbon as carrier,  mainly used for industrial waste gas, sewage odor, gas masks, automobile filters, air filters, solvent recovery, etc.

We offer Complete Activated Carbon Solutions.
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Activated Carbon Solution Supplier Provider

Activated Carbon Solution We Provided

We offer professional activated carbon solutions for different industries, styles and fields.

COCO Activated charcoal Mainly used for Gold extraction, nickel ,and other precious metals extraction .

Granular/pellet activated carbon mainly used for drinking water, tap water , pure water, wine and beverages food water ,Water filter , industrial sewage purification, decolorization, dechlorination, and deodorization.

Columnar pellete
mainly used for sewage odor, Natural gas desulfurization, industrial waste gas, steel mills and waste incineration plant waste gas treatment , gas mask, cigarette filter, automobile filter, air filter and solvent recovery.

Steps to Customize Activated Carbon


By understanding your needs and requirements, our salesmen work with you to submit the appropriate activated carbon solution.


Heycarbon expert customer service will provide you with a free quote based on your requirements as well as product specifications and quantities.


Heycarbon has sufficient inventory and strong production capacity, and will report production progress to you from time to time.


We know you need to receive the product as soon as possible, after rigorous quality checks and protective packaging, by sea and air shipping.

Why 100+ Clients Choose Heycarb


Competitive Prices

Build factories where raw materials are produced, recycle steam, and save costs. And we do not differentiate customer groups, unified price system, while ensuring quality, only earn a reasonable profit.


Quick Response

Once you leave a message, our team will usually get back to you as soon as possible within 24 hours, even if it's just a short confirmation message.



Our sales and customer service teams are fully trained in products and product applications and have the expertise and problem solving skills.


Excellent Quality Assurance

Strict raw material screening system: coal-to-activated carbon raw material testing, only accept low ash and low sulfur high-quality anthracite and bituminous coal raw materials.


Fast Delivery

Inventory preparation of regular products facilitates rapid delivery while saving plant capacity in preparation for custom products.


Product Testing

A full set of testing equipment and laboratories . Ensure everry batch of multiple mixed testing to ensure quality. It also supports any form of third-party testing for customers.

Activated Carbon Solution

Heycarbs Activated Carbon FAQs

Heycarbons provides on demand activated carbon solutions worldwide, product quality and customer service are highly rated by our partners and customers.

  1. Certified Activated Carbon Manufacturer
  2. Testing of selected raw materials
  3. Comprehensive display and monitoring of production temperature and time
  4. Sampling inspection of finished products
  5. Support any form of third-party testing , such as SGS

1. T/T Deposiit + Balance against copy of B/L
2. L/C
3. T/T deposit + L/C for balance

1. If necessary, the technician can go to the site to guide .
2. Order goods are consistent with the sample and TDS
3. Any quality problems occur, the seller will provide solutions within 24 hours.
4. If the package is damaged due to the seller’s negligence, resulting in a shortage of goods,
the seller should make compensation based on mutual agreement.

Normally , 5-7days , also depend on quantity

Yes, we provide samples for free.

Normally 25kgs/bag , 20kgs/bag , 500kgs/bag , black bag
Support any OEM drawing design bag .

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