MgO and CuO Columnar Activated Carbon

Pellet MgO Activated Carbon
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MgO Columnar Activated Carbon to USA
Port:Wilmington, north Carolina
Quantity: 20T
Specification:CTC60%, MgO 6-8%

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MgO Columnar Activated Carbon catalyst Benefits

Alkaline Adsorbent: Magnesium oxide is alkaline and can neutralize acidic gases like SO2 and H2S, forming stable sulfates and sulfides.
Efficient Desulfurization: Magnesium oxide shows high adsorption and reaction capacity in desulfurization processes, suitable for both dry and wet desulfurization methods.
Application Fields: Flue gas desulfurization, industrial waste gas treatment, acid gas neutralization in environmental engineering.

CuO Columnar Activated Carbon Benefits

Enhanced Adsorption and Reaction Capacity: Columnar activated carbon provides high surface area and developed pore structure, magnesium oxide neutralizes acidic gases, and copper oxide catalyzes oxidation reactions, significantly improving desulfurization efficiency.
Multifunctional Desulfurizer: This combination allows for both physical adsorption and chemical reactions, suitable for various gas treatment scenarios, especially sulfur-containing gas removal.

Practical Application Cases

Industrial Waste Gas Treatment: In industrial waste gas treatment systems, columnar activated carbon adsorbs organic pollutants, magnesium oxide neutralizes acidic gases, and copper oxide catalyzes the oxidation and decomposition of sulfides.
Flue Gas Desulfurization: In flue gas desulfurization units, the combination of columnar activated carbon and magnesium oxide effectively removes SO2 and H2S, with copper oxide further enhancing desulfurization efficiency and regeneration capability.
By combining columnar activated carbon, MgO-AC (MgO-activated carbon) and CuO-AC (CuO-activated carbon),efficient gas treatment and desulfurization can be achieved, suitable for various industrial and environmental applications.

In which industries MgO, CuO AC columnar activated carbon is mainly used?

MgO, CuO AC activated carbon mainly used for Desulfurization in natural gas plants, biomass energy plants and odor control in wastewater treatment plants, and exhaust gas treatment in petrochemical plants.

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