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Port : Mersin port, Turkey
Time: From 2020 to 2023
Quantity: Placed 7 orders, total: 169.4T

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Purpose :

Activated carbon possesses powerful adsorption capabilities, capable of adsorbing harmful chemicals and odors in the air. In cigarette filter manufacturing, small coconut shell granular activated carbon is typically added to filters to adsorb certain harmful substances produced by tobacco combustion, such as tar, carbon monoxide, heavy metals, and nicotine.

Advantages :

1. The microporous structure of coconut shell granular activated carbon provides a large surface area, thereby enhancing its ability to adsorb harmful substances. Consequently, when smoke passes through filters containing activated carbon, it can adsorb some of the harmful substances, reducing their entry into smokers’ lungs.

2. Cigarette filter charcoal  itself possesses the characteristics of being clean and low ash , making it less prone to ash production at high temperatures, thus maintaining its adsorption performance and extending the lifespan of filters.

However, dust may still be produced during the crushing process. Therefore, Heycarb activated carbon undergoes multiple screenings and is supplemented with air suction machines to remove excess ash, mitigating the risk of downtime for cleaning during customer usage.

3. High-strength activated carbon can maintain its shape and structure when subjected to the pressure and flow of burning tobacco, thereby preserving the stability and durability of its effectiveness. Heycarbons coconut shell activated carbon selects thick coconut shell carbonized material from coconut trees grown for over 5 years as raw material, achieving a strength of up to 99%.

Detailed Information of Pellet Coconut Activated Carbon


cigarette filter

Iodine Value

1100mg/g min


60% min


3%  max


3% max



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